In relation to ancillary matters to divorce:-

We are aware that no two matters are the same and therefore we have tailored our charges to take these into consideration.

For general advice and negotiation with the other party:-

a.   For initial advice there will be our standard initial fee of £100 (vat £20) making a total charge of £120.

b.  If a referral to Mediation is necessary we will charge an additional fee of  £125 (vat £25) making a further total of £150.  This will include correspondence in relation to such matters and advising you accordingly.

c.   Thereafter, if further work is required to negotiate a settlement, we will then discuss with you what further charges will be incurred once we will have a reasonable indication as to issues in dispute.

d.   Once an agreement has been reached we will then prepare the consent application and file the same with the court upon which our charge will be £300 (vat £60), total £360 together with any court fee applicable.


For work involving Court proceedings

a.   To advising on the issues of your matter, dealing with correspondence throughout including preparing and issuing the court proceedings, our charges £500 (vat £100), total £600 plus court fee.

b.   To representing you at each First Court Appointment hearing (Birmingham, Derby, Burton, Stafford or Coventry County Court’s) our charge £400 (vat £80) total £480.

c.   To dealing with issues arising from the First Court Appointment including dealing with responses to Questionnaires and other documents as are necessary, our charge £500 (vat £100) total £600.

d.   To attending each half day Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) hearing, our charge will be £500 (vat £100) total £600.


If  your matter remains unsolved, any further work will fall outside our fixed fee arrangement whereupon we will then discuss with you as to the likely costs that will then arise which will be dependent upon the complexity of the matter.

Each aspect of work will include dealing with correspondence, emails, telephone calls and attending upon yourself as necessary in connection with your matter.

Please note that the above charges do not include court fees or other expenses in connection with this matter.

In some circumstances it may be appropriate for you to be represented at a hearing by Counsel (a barrister). Counsel’s fees are likely to be more than we charge which you will be required to pay in addition to our normal charges. If we instruct Counsel we also charge an additional fee of £100 plus vat to prepare Counsel’s brief. We will only proceed on this basis with your prior agreement.

For all forms of work, we will require payment from you in advance to enable ourselves to proceed on to the next stage in your matter.

Payment of our charges can be accepted by credit or debit card.