In relation to Non-molestation or Occupation proceedings.

We are aware that no two matters are the same and therefore we have tailored our charges to take these into consideration.


For general advice and negotiation with the other party:-

For your initial advice there will be the standard initial fee of £75 plus vat  of £15 making a total of £90.


For work involving Court proceedings

a.   To advise you during the proceedings, preparing and issuing the proceedings £300 (plus vat £60)

b.   To representing you at each court hearing (in the Birmingham, Derby, Burton, Stafford or Coventry Family Proceedings Court and/or County Court’s) £350 (plus vat £70).

c.   To preparing each statement as ordered by the court £200 (plus vat £40)

d.   To preparing bundles for a contested or final hearing £250 (plus vat £50)

e.   To attending at court for a final hearing £500 per each half day (plus vat £100)


Each aspect of work will include dealing with correspondence, emails, telephone calls and attending upon yourself as necessary in connection with your matter.

Please note that the above charges do not include court fees or other expenses in connection with your matter.

For all forms of work, we will require payment from you in advance to enable ourselves to proceed on to the next stage in your matter.


Payment of our charges can be accepted by credit or debit card. However, if payment is made by a credit or debit card for anything other than our charges (e.g. court fees) a surcharge of 2% will be levied.